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About company

Al-maghali Company is considered one of the most prominent and leading companies in Yemen, whose name was associated with Hajj/ Mohammed Ahmad Al-maghali , who founded it in 1982 under the name Al-maghali Stores, located in the capital, Sana’a:

  • Al-maghali Company has developed and expanded its commercial activity in importing to become one of the most important importing companies for various food products in the Republic of Yemen, so that the legal status has shifted from a company with a single entity in the year 2016 to a limited liability company under the name of Mohammed Ahmed Al-maghali and Sons Trading Company (Al-maghali Trading Company Ltd. ) Established under Resolution No. ( ) for the year 2016, License No. ( 130), in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 22 of 1997 regarding commercial companies and its executive regulations.
  • The credit for this is due to the concerted efforts of the founder with his sons and to the staff of the Marketing Department who work with skill and high efficiency to provide the best to all the company's customers.
  • The company is distinguished by its ability to perform the import, sale, distribution and marketing of all foodstuffs, which include milk products, rice, vegetable oils, tea, cake and various forms of sweets and juices, imported and manufactured in the most important factories and international companies of high quality according to the highest international standards specifications. And seeking to market imported materials and contracted services in the best conditions for all customers and clients, with our commitment to the principles of food safety management.
  • In addition to the company's ability to supply and supply foodstuffs for tenders of international relief organizations, service and social sectors, and public institutions in the public and private sectors in accordance with the required specifications and standards. . . . ."

​​Our commitment to every customer

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Treat them honestly
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Listen to their feedback
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Our services

Wholesale at company premises


Wholesale and distribution to the capital Sanaa


Wholesale distribution to all provinces


Retail distribution for retail customers and supermarkets




Qastal Company

المنتجات بحسب الوكالة


المنتجات بحسب الوكالة


المنتجات بحسب الوكالة


المنتجات بحسب الوكالة


المنتجات بحسب الوكالة


المنتجات بحسب الوكالة


المنتجات بحسب الوكالة


المنتجات بحسب الوكالة


المنتجات بحسب الوكالة


المنتجات بحسب الوكالة


المنتجات بحسب الوكالة


المنتجات بحسب الوكالة


المنتجات بحسب الوكالة


 Traits of a successful trader؟

The most important qualities that a merchant must possess in order to succeed in his work are to have Islamic morals, follow divine commands in buying and selling, and observe the high prophetic values, the most important of which are honesty and honesty. He treats them with a lot of demand.


Trade as a profession

The merchant has to make a double effort, and he must research and develop strategies, to make his trade and work successful.

Rational Decisions

The trader should make sure that he practices his trade in a rational and methodical manner, not emotional, by developing himself by managing emotions, and controlling them to adhere to the trading strategies

Graduation by projects

The merchant is advised to start a small project, even if he has enough money and experience, as he must try a new strategy with less capital, and then expand the project after making sure of its success.

Good communication with clients

One of the basics of successful trading is for the merchant to be aware of the needs of customers or customers, and this requires good listening to them, and helping them to clarify those needs.

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We are proud of our work

We always strive to achieve excellent results

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Opportunities and jobs

Almaghali Corporation is a school like no other, where the learning curve never reaches stabilization. We have created an inspiring story and our people are the main force behind it. We believe that the cornerstone of our growth is nurturing a culture in which innovation is one of our core values. To foster a culture of innovation and originality, we give our employees the space to experiment, create and lead. And in the process, we develop business leaders, who are enthusiastic, passionate and have a high sense of ownership. Our people are a wonderful reflection of our culture. We live by 6 core values that set us apart and guide us on our journey to success.

We committed to

Exploitation of technology
100 %
Adopt a business plan
90 %
Knowledge of the markets
60 %
honest self-assessment
80 %

Job Opportunities

Job Description

Support the talent team in the recruitment process including screening/selection of CVs to match skills, experience and knowledge. Responsible for exit interviews for the operations team.
Bachelor's degree in Human Resources or a related field. 3-5 years experience.
English language proficiency.
Knowledge of MS Office & Excel.
Interpersonal and Communication Skills

Job description
Develop marketing strategy and growth direction for the assigned category/products
Set goals for product branding, price, distribution and advertising/promotion for various brands.
Design the annual operating plan for marketing initiatives within established budget parameters
Analyze and interpret data (qualitative and quantitative) that will add value and positive direction to different brand goals.
Lead and manage projects for all category initiatives (Marketing and Innovation) through cross-functional coordination
Partner with a commercial and commercial marketing team to plan in-store promotional and promotional activities.
Manage overall category/brand profitability through clear pricing strategy and margin management techniques
A & Expense Management M to align with plan through budgeting and monthly tracking.
Ensure appropriate agency leadership and partnership with them to implement consumer outreach campaigns.
Support the monthly and annual demand planning process.
Experience managing research projects and insights for a category/brand. As well as managing the relationship with research partners and insights.
Proven track record in people management, development and training.
10-12 years of experience in Marketing, FMCG preferred.
Financial understanding of P&amp's; L, Business Case Development, A&M Management M.
Understanding the consumer, shopper, and customer (including building insights and understanding the way to market the brand.
Strong analytical skills - ability to interpret complex data and translate it into useful and actionable information.
Through this program we are looking to select future leaders, this program is a rapid development program that equips graduates with the necessary knowledge, skills and attributes.
Participants benefit from a rich variety of structured training, one-on-one mentoring, and opportunities to experience different aspects of the job.
Join us for an opportunity that will advance you in every way. We are committed to providing you with opportunities, challenges and recognition that will allow you to discover your full potential in a dynamic and team-oriented environment.
& nbsp; This 36-month program is designed to develop future leaders in the HR track.
Bachelor's degree.
Only Graduates of 2020 & 2021.
The cumulative average should not be less than “very good” or its equivalent.
Previous training experience is a must.
Good proficiency in MS Office (Excel & Power Point).
Strong analytical and problem solving skills.
Excellent communication, interpersonal and influencing skills.
Fluent English (written and spoken).
Flexibility in terms of location.

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Al Maghali Trading Company Ltd.

The most prominent leading companies in Yemen are highly efficient to provide the best to all the company's clients

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Hello our valued visitor, We present you the best web solutions and high quality graphic designs with a lot of features. just login to your account and enjoy ...